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Adam Laskowitz is an artist, designer, and musician. He is currently a member of the [M]edia [A]rchitecture [C]omputing Program at the University at Buffalo pursuing a Master of Architecture and Master of Fine Arts. He received a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from the University at Buffalo in 2009. Current research focuses on the ways in which digital technologies can be utilized such that mundane, everyday interactions with space can become surprising, entertaining, and exciting through a particular lens of sound production and consumption. His work deals with the interactions between people, places, and the objects which occupy space, focusing on the social and spatial implications of computing technologies. His work has been exhibited and published in Germany, France, Japan, and the United States. In the summer of 2012 he will be joining Intel research labs in Portland, Oregon focusing in the designing of sensor networks and ways in which complex datasets can be visualized for use by the public.

Body, hand tracking (leap & depth cameras)

Lingering Traces

Music interface, Multi-colored LEDs, and Push button pots, OH MY!

Thesis Paper


Click the above link to download a pdf of the thesis paper.

Installation Photos

Rhythmsynthesis installation description

Rhythmsynthesis is an installation which analyzes, amplifies, and synthesizes the sounds of everyday interactions with space. The installation consists of a series of (rubber and glass) objects which are attached to different elements of the building: railings, doors, elevators, etc. These inhabitants pick-up sounds of physical interactions – turning the building itself into an instrument to be played with. While the building becomes a musical instrument, a more elaborate digital processing generates a background melody of harmonic resonances and real-time sound sampling. This results in a composition synthesized from the physical and social interactions occurring within the installation space – either gallery or public space.

Rhythmsynthesis Event Booklet

Click the image below to download a pdf of the event booklet.

Sound Samples From Inhabitants

Installation Sound Samples

While I am putting together a video from the installation, here are a few audio samples.
These samples are just of the synthesis in MaxMSP taken straight from the computer








Site Visit + Audio Synthesis

Here is an image of my latest site visit. I got a chance to attach a prototype and listen to how it sounded in the space. Overall I was satisfied: “quiet” sounds become really loud and very noticable, although loud sounds (such as the elevator ring) were indistinguishable from the source of the sound itself. This is something I am just dealing with as of now until I get better amplifiers or other ideas to increase volume.

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