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Animated Community Diagram

Animation by Zack Wolder

Current thesis question

Speculation (update)

Field Diagram (new)

This diagram is an improvement on the “category map.” I am now referring to it as a “field diagram” because it is visually mapping out my field of research rather than disconnected “categories.” It lays out a field of research and relationships within the field. A cyclical and diagrammatic flow contextualize a series of concepts within this specific project – “Networked Music Cultures” (for the time being).

Speculation (of a design)

In an attempt to become more suggestive and provocative, I have elaborated on this diagram; adding a greater sense of movement and tactility.

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Table design

I am beginning to design a table based on my experiments with surface transducers. Here is a preliminary grasshopper study where the points in the image act as positions for each surface transducer. The relationship is set up that there are 2 “low” frequency speakers, 2 “mid” frequency, and 2 “high” frequency speakers, where the thicker the material, the high pitch frequencies will be pronounced. Inversely the thinner the material is the lower the frequencies will be that are pronounced.

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Thesis Diagram (sketch)

Resonance Analysis

Preliminary Video Documentation (surface transducer test)

This is video documentation of a materiality with surface transducers (contact speakers). I was testing the different resonant properties of plywood and varying thicknesses. Analysis of the documentation will be coming shortly.

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A Compositional Test

Here is a 1 minute (more or less) of a compositional test using field recordings taken while working on a project called “Sound-Portrait”. This work used an automated system built into a hat that recorded audio for 3 seconds every hour. This composition takes clips of those recordings and rearranges them into a “song.” What I am trying to explore here are the potentials for field recordings to be sampled and mixed into musical compositions, much like Matthew Herbert does in his “One Pig” album.

Listen here:


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