Thoughts (1) after mid-term review

The external (object, device, surface, space) is important. In a world where we are constantly sucked into a virtual world (i.e. the computer/phone/tablet screen), how do we reconnect with our external environment? Embodied interaction is exactly this question. Reify a connection between the body and the environment, through technological mediation. It is not simply adding computing to the environment, but relying on the natural responses (sensory and actuated) of the human body. This is all for the purpose of a collective experience of sound (at this moment I am unsure if it is “sound” or “music”).

Glove interface:
A glove is a mediating interface between the external world and the tactile sense of the body. A glove as interface may seem like a minor thing that is overlooked, but we all can recognize it as an interface when cuts (such as finger-less gloves) are made as it becomes very apparent that it is mediating a tactile experience – trying to send a text message with gloves on for example.

The “GLOVE” plays on this idea of mediation and immediacy. It puts the senses into a relationship with each other and the world in which they sense. The finger becomes an extension of the ear while at the same time mediating between the immediate touch and sonic response of an object, or more specifically its materiality. It is bringing materiality, tactility, and hearing into a new relationship with one another. Pallasmaa writes, “Vision reveals what the touch already knows.” Similarly, mediated by the “GLOVE,” hearing reveals what the touch already feels. Vibrations in materiality are felt, often unconsciously, by the skin reverberating throughout the body, the “GLOVE” reveals this by attaching the ears to this vibration.

Some questions from the critique:
- Where specifically can the glove intervene?
- Where is touch predominant?
- Is it sound or music?

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