Site + Sound updates

It’s been a while, but I have finally decided on a site for this thesis. It is the Liberty Building in downtown Buffalo (Google map) (image)

What are the elements within this space that I am most interested in?

And how does movement occur, dimensionally (3), within this space?

What I am planning on doing is analyzing this lobby for its spatial and temporal qualities of use. Repetition is the key element here; repetition and diversity within repetition, as Lefebvre would put it. The objects within this space are objects of interaction, causing the production of sounds. These sounds will be used as the material for sonic feedback and a level of reflexivity within the space, causing a feedback loop between repetition and diversity. Initial observations showed that people move through this space in a state of distraction; it is a transitional space. They are occupied with their phones, conversations with others, and just trying to leave as fast as possible as the work day ends. It is a space filled with capitalistic/corporate agenda as it has two banks on both ends of the space as well as the rest of the building dedicated to office space. Aesthetically there is rhythm within the built elements: railings, stairs, elevators – all of which intrinsically produce rhythmic sounds throughout the day. The way I will be ‘listening’ in the space is through microphones (both piezo and small condensor) cast into rubber molds that will attach themselves onto said elements, through friction or suction.

Listen to a sound clip of the space here: Liberty_Building_EDIT

Here is a diagram (one of many to come) that depicts how the audio will be recorded/played back:

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