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Site Visit + Audio Synthesis

Here is an image of my latest site visit. I got a chance to attach a prototype and listen to how it sounded in the space. Overall I was satisfied: “quiet” sounds become really loud and very noticable, although loud sounds (such as the elevator ring) were indistinguishable from the source of the sound itself. This is something I am just dealing with as of now until I get better amplifiers or other ideas to increase volume.

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Rubber units and spatial composition

Site + Sound updates

It’s been a while, but I have finally decided on a site for this thesis. It is the Liberty Building in downtown Buffalo (Google map) (image)

What are the elements within this space that I am most interested in?

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Speculation Diagram

Rhythmanalysis – images

I recently made a post about a rhythmanalysis of both the University Station subway stop as well as Knox Hall on North Campus at UB here:

Here are 2 images I made trying to visually depict the rhythms experienced at the two sites:

University Station

Knox Hall

New Field Map

I had posted a while ago my latest field map here:

Since my final “directed research” critique (the semester before full thesis production) I have altered the way in which I am framing this thesis, the issues that it is concerned with, and the ways I am approaching music, interaction, and architecture.

This is my first attempt at graphically describing this change in interest as well as placing the thesis within a specific context like the previous field maps I have posted.

Animated Community Diagram

Animation by Zack Wolder

Speculation (update)

Field Diagram (new)

This diagram is an improvement on the “category map.” I am now referring to it as a “field diagram” because it is visually mapping out my field of research rather than disconnected “categories.” It lays out a field of research and relationships within the field. A cyclical and diagrammatic flow contextualize a series of concepts within this specific project – “Networked Music Cultures” (for the time being).

Speculation (of a design)

In an attempt to become more suggestive and provocative, I have elaborated on this diagram; adding a greater sense of movement and tactility.

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