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Speculation Diagram

Rhythmanalysis – images

I recently made a post about a rhythmanalysis of both the University Station subway stop as well as Knox Hall on North Campus at UB here:

Here are 2 images I made trying to visually depict the rhythms experienced at the two sites:

University Station

Knox Hall

Lefebvre’s Rhythmanalysis

A quote from Lefebvre’s Rhythmanalysis, section: “The Rhythmanalytical Project”

pages 76 – 77

“If the cyclical and the linear are categories of time and rhythm with general characteristics (including the measure of the one by the other, which makes each one a measured-measure), are there no other categories?”

“The time that we shall provisionally name ‘appropriated’ has its own characteristics. Whether normal or exceptional, it is a time that forgets time, during which time no longer counts (and is no longer counted). It arrives or emerges when an activity brings plenitude, whether this activity be banal (an occupation, a piece of work ), subtle (meditation, contemplation), spontaneous (a child’s game, or even one for adults) or sophisticated. This activity is in harmony with itself and with the world. It has several traits of self-creation or of a gift rather than of an obligation or an imposition comes from without. It is in time: it is a time, but does not reflect on it.”


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