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Tactile Music Table

2 Interesting Works

Speculation (update)

Speculation (of a design)

In an attempt to become more suggestive and provocative, I have elaborated on this diagram; adding a greater sense of movement and tactility.

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A Compositional Test

Here is a 1 minute (more or less) of a compositional test using field recordings taken while working on a project called “Sound-Portrait”. This work used an automated system built into a hat that recorded audio for 3 seconds every hour. This composition takes clips of those recordings and rearranges them into a “song.” What I am trying to explore here are the potentials for field recordings to be sampled and mixed into musical compositions, much like Matthew Herbert does in his “One Pig” album.

Listen here:

Experimental Notation

Here are a few examples of musical and dance notation that I am looking at. What will come out of this? We shall see in the future.

Mark Applebaum – Metaphysics of Notation


Carnelius & Cardew – Treatise
A sample from “Treatise”

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The Flaming Lips – Boombox Experiments (1996)

The Flaming Lips – Parking Lot Experiments (1996)

A question

How can community music be more than just sharing music (i.e. pandora, spotify, How can it become more about music production rather than solely consumption?

Some recent things

David Byrne – “I realized that you could turn a space into a musical instrument by attaching machines to the various parts of the structure. We tend to think that music, sound design, is generally proceeding down digital paths and that its about new forms of software, digital amplifications, and manipulating music.”

Matthew Herbert – “Our responsibility as musicians, if we care about how music is heard and where its heard and even why its heard, we need to think specifically about why it should be relevant.”

Max Neuhaus – “This idea that music could be made another way. This idea of really activating a lay public in inventing their music.”

Brian Eno & David Byrne – My Life in the Bush of Ghosts – 01 – America is Waiting

Pink Floyd – Dark Side of the Moon – On the Run

The Books – 07 – Chain Of Missing Links

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Community Music… and more

How can I work with community music so that it is more than music sharing, or consumption, and enters a state of music production? A feedback of production and consumption.

(1) Community music is the partaking in a community revolving around music, for example: AM/FM Radio, Pandora,, Grooveshark, and Spotify.

These communities allow for a collective experience of music, generally, through wireless communications, be it Radio, WiFi, Bluetooth.


What is a collective product of music consumption? Well, dance, of course.

Here is an image by Andy Warhol, 1962, in which he diagrams the physical movements of a dancer’s feet. What is interesting about this, other dance notations, and even musical notation is that way it diagrams physical movement, temporality, and duration. It is representational yet in performing, there will always be a certain subjectivity left to the performer.



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