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Thesis Paper


Click the above link to download a pdf of the thesis paper.

Rhythmsynthesis Event Booklet

Click the image below to download a pdf of the event booklet.

Lefebvre’s Rhythmanalysis

A quote from Lefebvre’s Rhythmanalysis, section: “The Rhythmanalytical Project”

pages 76 – 77

“If the cyclical and the linear are categories of time and rhythm with general characteristics (including the measure of the one by the other, which makes each one a measured-measure), are there no other categories?”

“The time that we shall provisionally name ‘appropriated’ has its own characteristics. Whether normal or exceptional, it is a time that forgets time, during which time no longer counts (and is no longer counted). It arrives or emerges when an activity brings plenitude, whether this activity be banal (an occupation, a piece of work ), subtle (meditation, contemplation), spontaneous (a child’s game, or even one for adults) or sophisticated. This activity is in harmony with itself and with the world. It has several traits of self-creation or of a gift rather than of an obligation or an imposition comes from without. It is in time: it is a time, but does not reflect on it.”

New Field Map

I had posted a while ago my latest field map here:

Since my final “directed research” critique (the semester before full thesis production) I have altered the way in which I am framing this thesis, the issues that it is concerned with, and the ways I am approaching music, interaction, and architecture.

This is my first attempt at graphically describing this change in interest as well as placing the thesis within a specific context like the previous field maps I have posted.

Current thesis question

Field Diagram (new)

This diagram is an improvement on the “category map.” I am now referring to it as a “field diagram” because it is visually mapping out my field of research rather than disconnected “categories.” It lays out a field of research and relationships within the field. A cyclical and diagrammatic flow contextualize a series of concepts within this specific project – “Networked Music Cultures” (for the time being).

Table design

I am beginning to design a table based on my experiments with surface transducers. Here is a preliminary grasshopper study where the points in the image act as positions for each surface transducer. The relationship is set up that there are 2 “low” frequency speakers, 2 “mid” frequency, and 2 “high” frequency speakers, where the thicker the material, the high pitch frequencies will be pronounced. Inversely the thinner the material is the lower the frequencies will be that are pronounced.

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Thesis Diagram (sketch)

Resonance Analysis

Some recent things

David Byrne – “I realized that you could turn a space into a musical instrument by attaching machines to the various parts of the structure. We tend to think that music, sound design, is generally proceeding down digital paths and that its about new forms of software, digital amplifications, and manipulating music.”

Matthew Herbert – “Our responsibility as musicians, if we care about how music is heard and where its heard and even why its heard, we need to think specifically about why it should be relevant.”

Max Neuhaus – “This idea that music could be made another way. This idea of really activating a lay public in inventing their music.”

Brian Eno & David Byrne – My Life in the Bush of Ghosts – 01 – America is Waiting

Pink Floyd – Dark Side of the Moon – On the Run

The Books – 07 – Chain Of Missing Links

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