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Prototype: 2-14-2012

This chair consists of a surface transducer (sparkfun), an audio amplifer (radioshack), arduino mega, and the music shield (seeeduino). I have crowd-sourced ‘everyday’ sounds by allowing people to upload sounds to my website. The music shield has a microSD card installed with these sounds loaded on the card. Upon sitting on the chair a pressure sensor is enacted which triggers audio to begin playing out of the surface speaker. This is all for now but eventually there will be an algorithm which decides when to play sounds, which sounds to play, and the amount of sounds played simultaneously. Upon interaction, audio recording will be initiated as well which will begin to record the sounds of the ‘everyday’ environment of the chair. Check back for more in a few days.

Check out sound clips from the crowd-sourced audio here:

Tactile Music Table

Speculation (update)

Speculation (of a design)

In an attempt to become more suggestive and provocative, I have elaborated on this diagram; adding a greater sense of movement and tactility.

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Table design

I am beginning to design a table based on my experiments with surface transducers. Here is a preliminary grasshopper study where the points in the image act as positions for each surface transducer. The relationship is set up that there are 2 “low” frequency speakers, 2 “mid” frequency, and 2 “high” frequency speakers, where the thicker the material, the high pitch frequencies will be pronounced. Inversely the thinner the material is the lower the frequencies will be that are pronounced.

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