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New Field Map

I had posted a while ago my latest field map here:

Since my final “directed research” critique (the semester before full thesis production) I have altered the way in which I am framing this thesis, the issues that it is concerned with, and the ways I am approaching music, interaction, and architecture.

This is my first attempt at graphically describing this change in interest as well as placing the thesis within a specific context like the previous field maps I have posted.

Welcome Back

As last semester ended, and this semester begins, things have changed. You will notice a new title for the blog (thesis) as well as a new description in the “About” section.

Below is the new thesis abstract: more »

Current thesis question

Speculation (update)

Speculation (of a design)

In an attempt to become more suggestive and provocative, I have elaborated on this diagram; adding a greater sense of movement and tactility.

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Thesis Diagram (sketch)

Community of Sounds

In the context of my thesis, this site is still about “consumption” in the end. Yes, it is about the sharing of license-free sounds probably to be used for some sort of creative work. But, the creative work which made use of these sounds is lacking as a focus for the site. This is an avenue I want to explore.

A question

How can community music be more than just sharing music (i.e. pandora, spotify, How can it become more about music production rather than solely consumption?

Community Music… and more

How can I work with community music so that it is more than music sharing, or consumption, and enters a state of music production? A feedback of production and consumption.

(1) Community music is the partaking in a community revolving around music, for example: AM/FM Radio, Pandora,, Grooveshark, and Spotify.

These communities allow for a collective experience of music, generally, through wireless communications, be it Radio, WiFi, Bluetooth.


What is a collective product of music consumption? Well, dance, of course.

Here is an image by Andy Warhol, 1962, in which he diagrams the physical movements of a dancer’s feet. What is interesting about this, other dance notations, and even musical notation is that way it diagrams physical movement, temporality, and duration. It is representational yet in performing, there will always be a certain subjectivity left to the performer.


Thoughts (1) after mid-term review

The external (object, device, surface, space) is important. In a world where we are constantly sucked into a virtual world (i.e. the computer/phone/tablet screen), how do we reconnect with our external environment? Embodied interaction is exactly this question. Reify a connection between the body and the environment, through technological mediation. It is not simply adding computing to the environment, but relying on the natural responses (sensory and actuated) of the human body. This is all for the purpose of a collective experience of sound (at this moment I am unsure if it is “sound” or “music”).
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